How Big Is a 1 16 Scale RC Car?

How Big Is a 1 16 Scale RC Car

Are you new in the RC car world? Let’s make our journey through the world together. RC cars are of different sizes as indicated by some scales. Being a great fan, you may want to know how big is a 1 16 scale RC car?

Undoubtedly, a 1 16 scale RC car offers you scope for making big fun within a limited space. You can easily make a personal track, just to be used by you for running your cute RC cars. 

The RC car is a replica of its original version. If you are an owner of a 1/16 scale car, it means you are enjoying the beauty of a mini car being 1/16 parts of the existing one in the real world. 

What Is RC Scale Car Size Guide?

As a newcomer in the RC world, you will be highly benefited from the guide mentioning RC scale car size. The scales are representations of the ratio between model size and the counterpart of its full size. 

According to the guide, if the RC scale proportion is lower, it becomes closer to the physical object. It is possible in no way to produce any vehicle’s 1:1 RC replica. Because you will get the same dimension car.

If you are in possession of a 1:16 RC car, it means you are having a toy like a miniature model of a particular type. Again as replicas, 1:12 scales are the best option. They include detailed exterior features like side grills, mirrors, wings, spoilers, chrome, etc.

What Is 1/16 Scale RC Size and Weight?

The size of RC cars varies according to the scales mentioned by the manufacturers. The scale is nothing but a percentage of the original car size. All the RC cars are produced keeping in mind the size of the original products.

Usually, the 1/16 scale RC size is as follows:

  • Length:10-14 in inches, or, 272-356 in mm
  • Width:7-7.3 in inches or, 178-185 in mm
  • Height: 4 – 4.92 in inches or, 102-125 in mm

Now you know how big is a 1/16 scale RC car. The weight of RC cars depends on their types. In most cases, the weight of 1/16 RC cars is between 5.4-10 pounds or 2.45-4.54 kg.

What Is the Size of 1/16 RC Truck?

You may be more curious and want to know – how big is a 1/16 scale RC truck? Its popularity is high enough. The fans love this larger vehicle as it can easily handle a turn. The short course truck body is really mind-blowing. 

Your kids must be fascinated with the 1/16 scale RC truck as it is portable. They will feel less pressure on their ankle. Its measurement has increased its suitability.

You will find its –

  • Weight –  1 kg or 2.19 pounds
  • Height –125 mm or 4.92 inches
  • Width –185 mm or 7.3 inches
  • Length –  356 mm or 14 inches
  • Wheelbase –125 mm or 8.1 inches

Different Scales and Model Sizes

You want to buy a 1/16 scale RC car and you know how big is a 1 16 scale RC car. It is wise to know about different scales, model sizes etc. of RC cars before deciding finally.

Information about some popular models as stated below will be advantageous for you.

1. How big is a 1/10 scale RC? The 1 /10 RC car is 10 times smaller than the real car as the scale indicates. The manufacturers produce the car with a 1/10 scale having –

  • Height – 106-232 mm or 4.2-9.1″
  • Width –196-367 mm or 7.8-14.4″
  • Length – 448-549 mm or 17.5-21.6″

But It is to be noted that, all RC cars with a 1/10 scale are not of the equal size. 

2. How big is a 1/12 scale RC: 1:12 scale RC is large and one of the highly detailed models? Its length is 14 or 15 inches which is 36 or 38 in cm. Usually, adult collectors find 1/12 scale RC mostly suitable for them. 

3. How big is a 1/14 scale RC car: A 1/14 scale RC car is considered a large RC car. It is an appropriate miniature of an off-road vehicle. Its length, weight, and height are consecutively 13”, 9” and 8”.

4. How big is a 1/24 scale RC car: The length of RC car models with a 1/24 scale Is in between 5 inches to 8 inches. 

5. How big is a 1/5 scale RC car: A 1/5 scale RC car is five times smaller than the real one. Its length is 92 cm or 36 inches. 


1.   What size is a 1/6 RC car?

RC cars have different sizes depending on the scale. If it is compared with the actual car, it is found 6 times smaller. The large size of the battery-powered 1 / 6 RC car is about 76×33.5×19.5 cm.

2.  What size is a 1/16 scale? 

Scale is a term closely related to size in respect of RC cars. Usually, the RC car size depends on the scale of the car. The measurement of 1 / 16 scale RC car ranges from 12 inches to 14 inches.

3. What is a 1/16 scale?

RC cars include specific scales. Such scales indicate the size of that very car in comparison to the original one.  1/16 scale refers to the one-sixteenth part of the real size of the real vehicle or machine.

Final Word

As an RC car lover, you must know about RC car scales. The scales are not meant to be the actual car size. By the time you have known how big is a 1 16 scale RC car. Hopefully, the catchy article is good enough for your query.   

It is to be noted that RC car scales are also applicable to RC frames that are interchangeable. You will see the size difference in the same scale RC vehicles. 

Actually, size depends on the vehicle type. Accordingly, a 1/16 scale RC car and 1/ 16 scale jeep have different size dimensions. So check RC car or truck’s size dimensions first. Then place your order online.

Have a nice time with your desired car and enjoy your fun time to the fullest. 

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