Truggy Vs Buggy

Truggy Vs Buggy

Today you will find different kinds of RC vehicles available in the market. RC hobbyists can’t know all the details about each model. For this, RC hobbyists like you search for different comparison articles; such as Buggy vs Truggy Vs Monster Truck, Truggy Vs Buggy etc.

As you are here to know about Truggy Vs Buggy, right? Well, many of us feel curious about what Truggy is and how it is to compare with traditional Buggies. Have you also thought the same after hearing the term Truggy?

However, this article will try to give all the necessary details about Truggy and Buggy RC cars. Now let’s get started with the content.

Truggy Vs Buggy- A Complete Guideline

This article will share advantages and disadvantages with similar features to differentiate Truggy and Buggy more easily. Let’s get started now. 


Truck owners wanted to have lower vehicles. On the other hand, buggy owners wanted a bigger body and wider wheel to get a better turrin. To satisfy their demand, Truggy is here. Truggy is the cross of truck and buggy.

Wider wheels of Truggies are one of the most impressive features of them. Again, these tires are almost the same as trucks. 

Truggy vehicles are mainly four-wheel-car having a center differential. Its body has the same structure as stadium trucks and truck tires, and it has no transmission.  

If you are still confused with Truggy, then to simplify relate a buggy with wider wheels. The most simple Truggy you can make by transforming your buggy‘s wheel into wider. But you can also find Truggy kits available.


Some frequently used real-life examples of Truggy RC cars are-

  • Armin Tailin Truggy
  • VRX Racing Truggy


Buggy is one of the most common, popular, and stereotypical versions among RC cars. You will find them in any nearest toy shop or even in any online shop.

They cater to various markets, such as off-road, on-road, or the same for both.

Have you heard of the term RTR? If not, then don’t worry. RTR stands for ready-to-run. Basically, almost all of the RC buggies are called RTR. In other words, go into the shop and purchase the vehicle. Then return home and charge the vehicle. And after that, it is ready for racing. Isn’t it hassle-free? 

Well, this is an exceptional example. The other high-end car models require set ups. And for that reason, RTR is very popular among customers. 


Some examples of RC buggy vehicles are-

  • Traxxas Maxx
  • Team Losi Mini B 1/ 16 scale Buggy

 Truggy Vs Buggy: Pros & Cons 


The biggest advantage of Truggy cars is that they are easy to use and handle. 

Well, for this easy handling and use, Truggy RC cars are best for beginners. But you may not find them as fast as Buggy RC cars. Also, you can throw around easily with these vehicles. 

Also, you can use Truggy RC cars for bashing. They are also preferred for off-road racing. Not only that, you can handle your Truggy over the bumps or any ups and downs of the group more easily than buggies. 


The biggest downside of Truggy RC cars is their tires cost. They are expensive as the tires are big and wider enough than normal buggy tires. Moreover, you cannot reverse them while driving.

Another drawback of Truggy vehicles is that you won’t be able to improve your driving skill using these. These vehicles are indeed perfect for beginners to learn to drive and handle easily. But after using it for a long period, you will realize that your driving skill is the same as before. Because you are not facing any challenges using it, and for this, you are unable to improve. 


Versatility is the first and foremost reason behind RC buggies popularity. Again they are good with their tarmac, and for this, you can open it effectively on the ground. Also, they are tougher than any standard RC vehicle; they have exquisite terrain. 

Well, not only that, you will find them freely available in almost all toy shops. You can find these vehicles within your budget limit. They have expensive models at smaller prices.

RC buggies are good introductory models for beginners. They are versatile and easily usable models. These models are also good for bashing. Bashing means race without any terms and conditions. 

Last but not the least, RC buggies are the best option for professional car racings. 


Well, there is no unmixed good in the world. RC Buggies have drawbacks too. 

First of all, RC Buggies are not good for bush-bashing. If your racing ground has too many potholes, then you won’t get much from RC buggies. But you can get away with the obstacles on a one-off. But be sure this kind of activity will reduce the lifespan of your vehicle. 

Truggy Vs Buggy: Similarities

In some parameters, truggy and buggy have the same features. They are-

SCALES- As Truggies are developed from Buggies, they have scales in common. For example-

1/ 5, 1/ 8, 1/ 10 etc. 

BRAND- As Buggies were released earlier than Truggies, many brands have Buggy RC cars than that of Truggies. But now some brands named Arrma, HPI, Losi and many have Truggy cars. 

DRIVING MODE- Both of the Truggy and Buggy cars have 2wd, 4wd driving cars. 

POWER SUPPLY- Both RC’s have nitro cars and electric cars. The same range of batteries are used in electric Truggy, Buggy cars. And almost all of the cars have the same scale and compartment sizes. 

 Truggy Vs Buggy: Comparison

Now you may have a question, Which one is the best? 

Well, the answer depends. You have already seen both positive and negative sides, so your need is the main thing here. If you are a serious vehicle owner and your goal is to participate in professional car racing, then go for Buggies.   

On the other hand, if your main target is to have fun, drive your vehicle over potholes, bumps of the ground, then go for Truggies. 

Now the choice is yours. 

Let’s see some FAQs related to this topic. 


 What Is A Truggy Vehicle?

A Truggy vehicle is an off-road racing vehicle. Its feature is the combination of two old racing models; trucks and buggies. It is also preferred as a high-performance vehicle. 

What Is Rc Car Bashing?

Bashing means racing without terms and conditions. In the world of RC cars, bashing is for testing your car and driving at the limit. Bashing also includes high jumps with less worrying about landing. 

Final Words

Now can you distinguish between Truggy and Buggy? We hope you can. Well, we tried our best to give clear ideas about these vehicles in this article on Truggy Vs Buggy.

That’s all for now. Last of all, select any of the two vehicles according to your purpose. Best of luck with your RC car vehicles!

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