How To Fly Rc Helicopter?

How To Fly Rc Helicopter

Most pilots agreed with the fact that RC helicopters are the most challenging to build and control among all helicopters. You need to master different skills; especially forward flight and hovering skills. And you need to have full attention.

Are you worried? As an RC helicopter enthusiast, these words may feel disappointing. If you are disappointed, then shake it off because We have come with all basic tutorials of How To Fly Rc Helicopter.

Well, here in this article, we will share all tips and tricks of the flying procedure. Then let’s get started. 

Rc Helicopter-Controls, Channels 

For getting a better understanding of the flying procedure, you need to know the controls and channels of RC helicopters-

There are four channels available-

1. Left/Right cycle

2. Fore/Aft cycle

3. Left/Right yaw

4. Collective pitch/throttle

If we consider a basic 4 channel helicopter, then the cycle pitch will be controlled by two servos. And the main motor and tail rotating motor’s speed will be controlled by the other two channels. 

How To Fly Rc Helicopter Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will describe briefly the flying procedure of RC helicopters will gonna tell that procedure into two stages –

STAGE-1: Before Flying 

If you want to fly a helicopter properly, confirm these steps-


Before you start flying your Rc helicopter, you have to make sure of some important issues related to your helicopter. They are-

  • Learn about your controller
  • Check out your helicopters centre of gravity
  • Check whether the rotor blades are tightly adjusted

If you find this step unnecessary, be ready to experience the consequences. You may find radio controllers, especially basic models simple and easy to fly. But be more familiar with the model or unit that gives you the feel of natural expression as pilots. 


For newbies or beginners, maiden helicopter experiences are exciting as well as scary. For this, it is important to conduct some more pre-flight checks before you start flying. And don’t forget to turn off your model between every pre-flight check.

In this way, you will also be able to memorize all your procedures quickly. For this, you have to-

  • Apply power to your RC helicopter and don’t leave it from the ground
  • Check properly and adjust all RC helicopter blades 
  • Check for RC Helis cyclic trim and adjust if necessary
  • Try to be familiar with all the controls and hover them slowly
  • Take your helicopter into the air if you have mastered the previous one

Now before taking off, stop spooling. Notice any unusual engine noise you hear. Don’t use any cyclic trim if your helicopter is on the ground. Slowly hover your helicopter in different manners. After that, repeat the same procedures for the control of left, right, and diagonals. 


Eventually, you will understand when is the right time to fly after practice. Controlling RC helicopters is not the same as controlling transmitters. So it is better for you to master each type of model one by one cautiously. For this follow-

  • Master 8 hover figure
  • Learn transitional lifts
  • Worn on counterclockwise circ;e
  • Get comfortable with every changed nose directions

STEP-4: Look For Flying Area

After fulfilling all three steps above, comes the final and most important step. Looking for flying sites. For this follow below steps-

  • Make it a habit of performing the last checkup before flying.
  • Pick a flying area carefully
  • Get ready to fly

Know the place of your flight. Always choose a wide and open place for flying. 

STAGE-2: At The Time Of Flying

For your better understanding, follow these steps-

STEP-1: Keep Helicopter Tail Pointing Toward You:

After you have command over controlling your helicopter, you must do all types of hard work to keep the heli tail pointing toward you. No matter what it takes. If you find the tail is not pointing toward you at any point, then move it with remote or off the power and move it by yourself.

STEP-2: Use Helicopter Training Kits

As a novice pilot, you have the possibility of damaging your Helicopter while flying. So it is safe to consider training kits. The training kit includes a set of ping pong balls that are added at the bottom of the helicopter. It reduces the flipping chances of helicopters. 

STEP-3: Look For The Floor You Are Using

Yes, this is really an important issue while flying. It is better to use a sliding floor such as wood, tiles etc. Make sure there is no such object on the floor by which your helicopter may catch to fall down.

STEP-4: Start Hovering

Now comes the final step of your flying RC helicopter. At first, power on the helicopter and start hovering, keeping the tail toward you. Slowly increase the speed. 

Every time the helicopter tail changes its tail from you, stop giving power and restart it by putting the tail toward you. Try to hover at least 1 meter above the ground. If you find your helicopter drifting in any one of the sides, land it, then reposition it and start again. Continue the process till you master it. Now hover on the left or right side in the same process. 

These are some quick or easy steps by which you may get help to learn to fly RC helicopters. Nowadays, many companies are making outstanding additions to make the helicopters easy to fly and extra durable. 

Let’s talk about some FAQs related to the flying procedure of RC helicopters. 


Q: Are Rc Helicopters Hard To Fly?

It is a little hard for a new helicopter pilot to fly the helicopter in the first place. In most cases, it is seen that the crash of their helicopter within 15-20 seconds, if they don’t know what they are doing. 

Q: How do you fly a remote control helicopter for beginners?

Follow these steps mentioned below to fly a remote control helicopter –

1. Keep tail pointing toward you

2. Use training kits

3. Consider the floor that you are using

4. Start flying

Q: How do you fly a 6 channel RC helicopter?

Follow the below steps to fly a 6 channel RC helicopter properly-

1. Draw a circle in front of you and put the helicopter inside it. Try to hover it 1/ 2 feet from the ground and keep it in the circle. Stay 5-10 feet away from the circle.

2. After mastering step 1, put the helicopter inside the circle, and this time the circle will be in your right. You stay a little far from the circle. Noe hover your helicopter by slowly moving the throttle.

3. After mastering step 2, repeat the whole process. But now, put yourself on the left of the circle. 

4. Once you master steps 2 and 3, now put the helicopter again inside the circle. Now move around the circle and hover your helicopter

5. After that, draw another circle beside the first one. Now operate your helicopter from one circle to another

6. After practicing these all, hover your helicopter by changing the nose 

Q: What is the easiest Rc helicopter to fly?

Syma S111G is known as the easiest Rc helicopter to Fly. A Chinese-based company manufactures it. This aircraft is easy to fly, steady, and affordable. As it is an aircraft of indoor use, speed is not its strong point.

Final Words

We here tried to share all the necessary details about how to fly an RC helicopter easily. Make sure you are following all the steps correctly.

Well, remember, practice makes a man perfect. It is true for this case also. Practice flying your Rc helicopter properly, and sure one day, you will be a pro in this. Till then, have a good day!

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