How Big Is A 1 14 Scale RC Car?

How Big Is A 1 14 Scale RC Car

I have loved collecting RC car models since a young age. On my recent birthday, my best friend decided to surprise me with my dream car model! I loved it very much. But, there was a slight problem. 

My friend had no idea how the RC scale system works. So he bought me a best 1/14 model car without knowing how big is a 1 14 scale RC car in real. Now I’m having issues adjusting it in my cabinet!

If you are also into car models but got no idea about their scale measurements, I think it’s time to know them. Else, who knows, you might face similar problems like me in future. 

RC Car Scale System

RC scale is the ratio between the model and the actual car. It refers to how many times the model is smaller than the car or, inversely, how many times the actual vehicle is larger than a model. 

This ratio is expressed using “:” or “/.” For instance, if an RC model is 14 times smaller than the actual car, it would be written as 1:14 or 1/14 scale. 

Here’s an interesting thing about these scales. The larger the scale, the smaller the vehicle. As the scales are ratios of real cars, a 1/10 model is ten times smaller than the car. But a 1/14 scale model is 14 times smaller. So, obviously, the 1/10 scale is larger than the 1/14 scale. 

RC scaling system helps one have a better idea of how big the actual vehicle might be only by looking at its miniature version.

1/14 Scale RC Size

RC cars are manufactured in multiple sizes keeping in mind the consumer’s preference. Some buyers like a larger version with lots of details and functional units, whereas some prefer smaller models which are easy to place anywhere. 

1/14 models are 14 times smaller than actual cars. Though it is variable, a typical 1/14 scale model is nearly 1-foot long. It is one of the few large scales highly preferred by collectors. You may ask why when it takes so much space. 

Well, as the model is pretty large, it has so much detailed work, for instance, movable sunroof, adjustable leather seats, real side mirrors, moving windshield wipers, openable doors, etc. These small details are rather difficult to put in a small size model. Hence, it is preferred by numerous collectors.

How Big Is 1/14 Scale in Inches?

As we have said earlier, the size of RC car models depends on the size of the actual vehicle. The 1/14 ratio of a gaunt truck will be definitely larger than a sports car. 

But in most cases, the standard size for the 1/14 scale is somewhat between 11 to 13 inches. The width and height are decided proportionally. For a 13-inch model, the width is nearly 5 inches, and the height is 4 inches.  

1/14 Scale Size in Cm

In many countries, measurements in cm or mm are more acceptable than inches. Now, those who were wondering how big 1/14 scale in cm or mm can be at ease. I have also put that measurement for you. 

1/14 scale RC size in cm is approximately 30-35cm in length (300-350mm), 13cm in width (130mm) and height is 10cm (100mm). 


1. What Is A 1/14 Scale?

A 1/14 scale defines that the RC model is 14 times smaller than the actual car. In other words, the real car is 14 times larger than the model. 

Model: Car = 1:14 

2. How Fast Does A 1/14 RC Car Go?

A typical 1/14 RC car can run up to 20km/h at its full speed. But some models also have up to 36km/h run power depending on the manufacturer. 

3. What Scale Is the Fastest RC Car?

Currently, Traxxas XO-1 claims to be the fastest RC car with the potential to exceed 100mph. This model has the 1/7 scale ratio. 

Other than Traxxas, typical 1/5, 1/10 models are pretty fast. 

Final Words

1/14 is undoubtedly one of the most significant models among RC cars. Anyone who doesn’t know how big is a 1 14 scale RC car, may have the misconception of it being a regular size. But in reality, it is enormous compared to the standard (1/18 scale in the USA) models. 

In this article, I have tried to describe the 1/14 scale in different measurements, inches, cm, mm, etc. Hopefully, now you won’t face any problem regarding this scale and can decide whether it is suitable for your house or not. 

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