How Big Is a 1 12 Scale RC Car?

How Big Is a 1 12 Scale RC Cars

You must have heard of RC cars. Radio-controlled cars are popularly known as RC cars. They are miniature cars and trucks which you can control remaining at a distance with the help of a remote or transmitter. The article’s focus is on – how big is a 1 12 scale RC car?

You may hardly find any kid who didn’t have a collection of different sizes of RC cars or RC trucks in childhood. Due to the variable sizes and cute look the young guys love to play with them. 

How Do the Producers Make or Design RC Cars?

The producers seem to be able to make an exact replica of the original one including each and every detail of the real car. They have realistic look.

If you look at any vehicle from any renowned company, you will notice no distinguishable features between them except size. The size including its design and feature is really loveable.  

What Are RC Car Sizes and Scales?

RC Cars are made for both indoor and outdoor use, that include different scales. The scales influence the performance. Every RC player is acquainted with RC car scale size.

Usually, manufacturers mention the scale size on the RC car, buggy, truck, or other such vehicles. So, to make good use of it you are to know well about RC scales and sizes. It enables you to pick the best one for your own sake or your lovely kid.

What Do Scales Refer to in RC Cars? 

RC cars come along with different scales just to compare their size to that of real-life cars. It is a fraction of the existing one in real life. They are available in different scales and sizes.

 Do you know 1 12 scale RC car size? Suppose you have a 1/12 scale RC Car. It means the original one is 12 times larger than the miniature. 

You may have enthusiasm regarding other popular RC cars, like – 

How to Choose the Right Scale for You?

To make the right choice for you need to have information about some popular models like scales, gauges, etc.

  • Scale: The smaller number in scale size indicates the larger size of the real model. If you ask how size is a 1 12 scale RC car? Acknowledge that it is 12 times smaller than the original car. It has 14” or 15” in length. 
  • Gauge: Gauge and scale are synonymous terms in the world of models. If your search for a model in the 1:24 or 1:25 scale does not produce any result, try searching ‘G’gauge referring to a 24th or 25th scale model.

Gauges are named as standard, G, S, HO, and O gauge. 

RC Car Sizes Chart

  • 1:12 scale- Large and detailed
  • 1:18 scale – Large and detailed.
  • 1:24 scale – Used in Traxxas rustler too.
  • 1:36 scale – Popularly used for toy vehicles.
  • 1:43 scale – Used for model cars. 1:55 scale -Popular for toy cars and trucks.
  • 1:400 scale -Well known for aircraft model. 


How many inches is a 1/12 scale RC car?

Ans : 1:12 scale is a large, highly detailed model. The model’s length is about 14 or 15 inches or 36 or 38 cm. Usually, adult collectors like this expensive size. 

How fast is a 1/12 RC car?

Ans: An electric power radio control car may be of high speed. The maximum running speed of an RC Car with a 1/12 scale is 46+ km/h. It is battery-powered. 

How do you tell what size your RC car is?

Ans: RC car comes with a box. You will notice a scale mentioned over there. It indicates the model size compared to its real counterpart. A 1/10 scale model, size is 10 times smaller than the real one.

What’s the fastest RC car in the world?

Ans: The fastest battery-powered RC car in the world is Radio Controlled Bullet. Its running speed is 325.12 km/h. It is an outcome of several years of attempts by RC car enthusiasts.

How tall is a 1/12 scale action figure?

Ans: With the rising of toy and action figure collecting community, there is an increase in scale sizes.6 inches tall, a 1/12 scale action figure is highly articulated and able to grasp different poses.

Final Words

The remote control cars or radio-controlled cars include scales. Hence the buyers get the idea of the RC cars’ size in comparison to the real cars or race tracks. The article provides details about the sizes, scales, designs, etc of the RC cars.

How size is a 1 12 scale RC car? – reply to this query is hopefully no more unknown to you. Just pick the best RC car with desired scale and size. Enjoy RC car driving. Have a joyous time!

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