How Big Is 1 18 Scale RC Car?

How Big Is 1 18 Scale RC Car?

For car lovers, Rc car is not something unheard of. Yes, we are talking about radio-controlled car models. Those are the mini versions of actual cars. But not many of us know how the scaling system works for those models. For example, do you know how big is 1 18 scale Rc car?

If you are fond of cars, but your answer is no to the previous question, I think it’s time you should know about the scales. Perhaps it will come in handy when you buy a car model one day. 

So, what’s the wait for? Dive into the article already!

What Is RC Car Scales?

RC cars are miniature versions of real cars, made of high-end plastics, toy wheels and remote control systems. These diecast versions follow a scale when it comes to deciding their length.

RC car scales refer to the model cars’ size compared to the real ones. Sounds confusing? Well, let me explain a bit. 

RC car models have multiple scales like 1:12, 1:18, 1:24, etc. A 1/12 scale defines that the modeled car is 12 times smaller than the actual car. Or we can also say that a real car is 12 times bigger than a diecast car. 

What Size Is 1:18 Scale In Inches?

If you are new to collecting car models, it is not rare to have questions about the scales. Often we get questions like how big is 1 18 scale RC car? Or how much is a 1/18 scale in cm?

A 1:18 scale figure means a car model is 18 times smaller than a car. It is measured in a ratio compared to the actual car’s length.

So, according to this scale, there’s no actual size for a miniature car model. It solemnly depends on the real car’s size.

But for most RC car models, the length of a 1:18 scale figure is somewhat between 10-12 inches. 11 inches is considered standard for this scale with 5 inches’ width and 4 inches of height. 

If we put 1/18 scale in cm, it will be approximately 28cm long, 13cm wide, and 10cm tall. But remember, it can always vary depending on the car.

What Scale Is Bigger 1/16 or 1/18?

The scale is inversely related to the RC car model’s size. The larger the scale, the smaller the model and vice versa. For instance, a 1/16 scale figure will be 16 times smaller. But at the same time, a 1/18 scale figure for the same car will be 18 times smaller. 

So naturally, 1/18 scale having a larger scale will have a smaller size in comparison. A typical 1/16 scale is 14 inches long, whereas a 1/18 scale figure is approximately 11 inches. 

Even though there are numerous RC scales, not all of them are preferred by collectors. It’s because some scale models take up too much space, some are too small to notice any detail. 1/18 scale figures are not too big but can hold up designs pretty well. 

Consume Less Space

A 1/18 RC car model is nearly 11 inches, which is not too big. It can be easily placed anywhere. As these models don’t consume much space, they are pretty popular among collectors. The USA is the central region where 1/18 models have conquered more than half of the business.

Extra Details

1:18 models come with detailed manufacturing designs like leather interior, sliding door, operational sunroof, movable seats, sliding windshield wipers and so on. The high-end models are almost exact copy of real cars. 

It’s crazy how realistic these models look, which has captured the collector’s eye.


Depending on the scale, the price of RC models varies. Generally, bigger models are more expensive than smaller ones. However, some particular scales like 1/24, 1/32 are pricier, even though they are small models. 

1/18 scale models have a standard size and fall into almost everyone’s budget. This is one of the main reasons this scale has become so acceptable. After all, who wouldn’t like to have his dream car model within his budget?


1. What’s Bigger 1/24 Or 1/18 Scale?

1/24 is smaller in size than the 1/18 scale. The higher the scale ratio, the smaller the model’s size. 

2. What Is A 1/18 Scale Figure?

A 1/18 scale figure refers to an RC car model being 18 times smaller than the real car. Or, we can say it in other ways. The real car is 18 times bigger than the 1/18 scale car model. 

3. How Big Is A 1/24 RC Car?

As RC diecast cars are mini replicas of real cars, their sizes also vary according to the actual vehicle’s size. 1/24 scale represents that the model is 24 times smaller than the real version. 

Although it is variable, typically, a 1/24 scale figure is six to eight inches long. 

4. How Many Inches Is A 1/18 Scale Figure?

A 1/18 scale figure is generally ten to twelve inches (standard measurement eleven inches) in length. But of course, it may vary depending on the actual car. 

Final Words

Nowadays, 1/18 has become one of the most popular scales for RC car models. Probably it’s because they don’t take much space and come with lots of detailed work. But for someone having no clue about RC scales and measurements, it’s not unusual to wonder how big is 1 18 scale RC car?

In today’s article, we have tried to describe RC scales in the easiest way. If you are new to the automobile world and about to start a great hobby of collecting car models, probably the article will help. You will understand which model will take how much space and choose accordingly. 

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