Blheli vs Simonk -ESC Firmware

Blheli vs Simonk

Have you ever thought of regulating and controlling a motor’s speed? To control BLDC motor speed, you need an electronic circuit, popularly known as ESC or electronic speed controller. ESC enables the motor to reverse or, brake. But what do you mean by blheli vs simonk?

A software named ESC firmware is included in the speed controller. Different types of ESC firmware are there. The ESC manufacturers usually pick any one of them, depending on the hardware. Blheli and simonk are more popular among them. With the detailed information about them, you can easily choose your desired one.

Types of ESC Firmware?

ESC firmware that runs on ESC, provides information about its performance, supporting protocols, type of interface configuration, etc. So, to get all the necessary information, the producers use different types of firmware in the mini quad like-

  • BLHeli
  • BLHeli_32
  • BLHeli_S
  • KISS
  • SimonK
  • Manufacturers’ own production, etc.

What Is Blheli?

Blheli is the most popular ESC firmware – usually, run on SiLabs and Atmel ESC. Now it is widely used on quadcopters. It is a user-friendly Suite software. It is used to flash ESC firmware and configure settings. 

The latest version of blheli supports the simonk bootloader well. Thus you can make good use of the blheli usb linker and servo cable. It helps you switch back to simonk ESC firmware, and you need not flash it by using the AVR ISP pads.

What Are the Differences between Blheli And Simonk?

Both blheli and simonk are open-source firmware used on ESC. But what about blheli vs simonk? Blheli is differentiated from simonk in many ways. 

Blheli has attained much popularity among the users because of its frequent up-gradation with the passage of time. But simonk is not updated or supported anymore.

Previously the ESC had firmware, usually written by the manufacturers. The users need to have third-party firmware to flash them if required.

Blheli includes BLHeli Suite interface and it is easy to flash. There is a 1-click flash tool for Arduino board programming. You don’t need to have any support from Arduino IDE for loading the sketches.

But simonk is not that user-friendly. Blheli has been offering some outstanding features like oneshot125 and active braking, the ability of motor direction changing, etc., for years. Simonk has already added some of the features, but it’s too late.

What Is the Difference between Blheli_s And Blheli_32?

Till 2015 Blheli controlled the market due to its consistency in development and user-friendliness. It was 2016 when as an upgrade version of blheli, blheli_s appeared in the market. It’s used in BusyBee processors.

Then in 2017, an initiative was taken to make the best use of extra processing power derived from 32 bits processors of the latest ESCs. Hence the users got blheli32, – 3rd generation blheli.

Currently, you are getting ESC firmware available with the preinstallation of blheli_s or blheli_32. There are noticeable differences between them. The processor on Blheli32 is 32 bits, but it’s only 8 bits in Blheli_s.

Blheli_s is open-source, but blheli32 is a close source. Blheli32 is an outcome of scratch, but blheli is well assembled. Blheli developers charge ESC manufacturers a license fee for using the 32bit firmware.

The use of Blheli32 will give you a better feeling than that of blheli. It includes accelerated processing power and improved input signals. The clock speed on blheli32 is faster than that of blheli firmware.

What Is ESC Bootloader?

You will notice a bootloader on your ESC. It influences the flashing process of the ESC firmware. If there is no bootloader on your ESC firmware, you have to flash it by using soldering pads if there are any. 

A bootloader enabled ESC, either simonk or blheli, helps-

  • Flash the latest version of ESC firmware.
  • Include custom settings to the speed controller. Just connect the input signal wire with the help of a USB linker programming tool. ArduinoUSBLinker, Turnigy USB Linker, etc. are there. You may choose your desired one.

How Do You Configure ESC Firmware?

You can configure the settings of ESC firmware. As a simonk configurator, you can use a BLHeli Suite software that is compatible with Simonk Bootloader. Another software is there named kkmulticopter to flash simonk firmware.

In addition, you will have belheli configurator. It’s a chrome app. It is considered the first blheli ESC flashing tool. It’s available on all chrome app run platforms. You can avail of it from Chrome Web Store. You need to have Chrome Browser that includes FC and blheli support.

What Are the Differences between Blheli And Simonk Bootloader?

Blheli and simonk are very commonly used bootloaders. When you opt for buying an ESC you will have the option to choose any one of them. Both aim at programming your ESC. But they differ from each other in different ways.

Be aware of your needs, then place an order. The first one is smaller than the latter one. The size of the blheli is almost half of the simonk. With the help of the blheli bootloader, you will be able to flash blheli firmware. You have to use the one-wire method. 

With the help of a one-wire connection, your simonk bootloader helps you flash not only simonk but also blheli firmware.  


What is blheli vs simonk?

: Both blheli and simonk are firmware used on ESC. Among them, blheli is the most popular, but simonk is on the verge of extinction. The reasons behind its high acceptance are its outstanding features, high performance, and ease of use.   

How do you connect ESC?

: To connect ESC with a brushless motor, you need to have a motor, 30A SIMONK ESC, banana connector, etc. Both the motor and ESC individually have 3 wires. Connect the motor to the ESC by soldering the motor wires to the solder pads on ESC. 

Final Word

Are you a drone enthusiast? Hope the article has been a great aid to you. It has provided enough information about ESC. Knowing about ESC firmware – blheli vs simonk you will be able to pick the best one for having a sweet flight experience.  

ESC plays a key role in your beloved quadcopter. It enables you to get the motor speed as you expect. A well functional ESC is able to receive the throttle signals sent from the flight controller. Hence you need to have a careful selection.

It’s your time to rock with your quadcopter having smooth control.

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